Product Liability Insurance
Risk Hub are a leading Insurance Broker in the Product Liability Insurance market supporting a large customer base who are both importing and manufacturing products for a wide variety of consumer market sectors.We have arranged cost effective product liability insurance for products as far ranging as Health Supplements, Food & Drink, Toys & Sports Equipment and medical devices.
We also provide cover for resellers and manufactures exporting to the USA & Canada, selling through fulfilment houses like Ebay & Amazon and second tier products such as automotive and rail industry parts.Importing products from outside the EU carries substantial risk due to UK Consumer Protection Legislation and the difficulties of subrogating claims against overseas manufacturers. Product Liability insurance will help protect your business from legal liability and recover those claims from the manufactures who are to blame.

We provide Product Liability Insurance for a wide range of goods, from Aircraft, Automotive, Rail & Construction to Childrens Toys and Sports equipment to Foods & Beverage goods, Food Ingredients and health supplements, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment.

Specific product liability insurance is also available for medical pharmaceutical products which can include medical trials.

Whatever you need we can provide advice and assistance to protect your business with a comprehensive and affordable Product Liability Insurance policy from secure insurers.


We compare a wide range of quotes to ensure you get the best deal

Cover limits up to £50,000,000 are available

Full support and assistance when you need to make a claim