We are delighted to share our latest Success

Risk Hub was asked by a waste management company to provide insurance and risk management advice. The client was unsure of the competitiveness of his premiums but most importantly needed an audit of his covers. Risk Hub were able to offer specific industry expertise to include helpful risk management advice and a great solution.

The client had a turnover of £6.7m, specialising in metal, plastic and WEE recycling and required a full review of pricing and cover

Luckily, our broker was on hand to help with his wealth of knowledge and understanding of this particular field. He invested his time into fully understanding their needs and concerns, and firstly advised the company to obtain valuations for their buildings; helping us to seek quotes on the correct basis. This ensured the delivery of a bespoke service, tailored specifically to their company requirements, aligning with our core values.

Little did they know, they were massively underinsured!

As a trusted party through previous work, Risk Hub were able to work with the company, providing coverage that would be substantial enough to enable the company to rebuild in the case of a catastrophe. We added ‘business interruption’ cover within their policy, which previous brokers had been incapable of doing; and on top of that, we made savings on their liability insurance!

However, our work wasn’t finished yet…

At Risk Hub, we pride ourselves in making a genuine difference to the businesses that we help. We do this by identifying and educating our clients on their risk management needs. Helping them improve their risk profile ensuring that the very best rates of insurance will continue to be available to them. Risk Hub strive to build a trusting relationship with our clients, giving them access to the best of our knowledge and advice.

Overall, Risk Hub were delighted to be able to help this client, bringing peace of mind towards the adequacy of their new coverage and recommendations for their future risk management.