Statutory Plant & Equipment Inspections (Written 01/04/2020)

We are aiming to keep clients updated during the current COVD19 outbreak with information relevant to the policies we arrange on their behalf. One such consideration relates to statutory inspection of plant and equipment and potential delays as a result of restrictions enforced on inspection providers. The current situation is as follows:

Advice for employers in respect to statutory examinations and testing* 
* Source Health & Safety Authority 01/04/2020: for more info please follow this link:

The current position of the HSE and HSA is that as yet, they confirm that no derogation (an exemption from or relaxation from the law), is currently being considered in relation to thorough examinations. The HSE have said that they will keep the situation under review and do not have any plans to issue any exemptions to the current regulations at this time. They confirm that if an examination of a piece of equipment is overdue, the responsibility remains with the duty holder (the customer) and a pragmatic approach should be adopted.

Items overdue for examination should not be used until the examination has been completed. If you are experiencing any difficulty arranging inspections and require our help please contact us and we assist where possible.

Stance being taken by inspection providers

Some inspection providers have received further advice from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Alongside other member organisations of SAFed some inspection providers believe that they can interpret this advice, as meaning that for the purposes of carrying out Inspection work for critical industries or those within their supply chain, they can define Engineer Surveyors as ‘key workers’. As such they will now prioritise industry sectors considering their criticality, with the highest priority being given to facilities that are crucial for the treatment and containment of the virus and/or the general infrastructure of the country. For example but not limited to industries linked to health, food, water and power.

Here are some links on the subject from some of our key supplier partners:


HSB Engineering:


We appreciate that this situation is fast moving, therefore we will keep you updated as it develops.

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