Post Coronavirus workplace preparedness checklist

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of the current workplace, and hygiene and cleanliness are key topics when creating post-coronavirus workplace plans. According to health experts, there are several actions employers should consider. By taking workplace preparedness steps such as updating office layouts, encouraging new behaviours and evaluating existing policies, employers can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect the health and safety of their employees. To get started, review the topics on this checklist.


Employee Behaviours YES NO N/A
Are employees practising social distancing, maintaining a distance of 2 metres or more from each other?
Are employees washing their hands regularly for 20 seconds with soap and water?
Are employees practising social distancing in meetings?
Are employees avoiding the use of multi-touch devices, such as shared computers in meeting rooms?


Personal Protective Equipment YES NO N/A
Are employees expected to wear face coverings or masks in the workplace?
Are face coverings or masks provided to employees?
If face coverings or masks are not provided to employees, is a reimbursement programme in place for any costs of face coverings, masks or necessary materials?
Are gloves provided to employees?


Employee Communications YES NO N/A
Are employees trained on what COVID-19-related symptoms to look for?
Have employees received communications regarding COVID-19 workplace best practices?
If using face coverings or masks, have employees been trained on proper procedures?


Cleaning YES NO N/A
Are routine cleanings conducted frequently?
Do cleaning routines use soap and water, and disinfectants listed by health experts to use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19?
Are cleaning supplies stocked, including disinfectants with a detergent- or bleach-based solution?
Are all multi-touch surfaces such as door handles part of cleaning routines?
Are hand sanitiser and sanitiser wipes provided to employees?
If using face coverings or masks, does your organisation have a cleaning procedure in place?


Workplace Facilities, Equipment and Layout YES NO N/A
Do employees have workstations 2 metres or more apart?
Are walls or barriers set up between employee workstations?
Has a walk-traffic flow that discourages congestion been established?
Do facilities have high-functioning air filters?
Do facilities have automatic doors?
Do lavatories have no-touch sinks and soap dispensers?
Do lavatories have no-touch paper towel dispensers?


Policies and Preparedness YES NO N/A
Is a handwashing policy in place?
Has a social distancing meeting policy been established?
Is a policy in place to protect employees in COVID-19 high-risk categories?
Does your organisation have a prepared response for employees who have COVID-19-related symptoms?
Does your organisation have a planned response in place in the event of an employee testing positive for COVID-19?


Use this checklist as a guide when planning your post-coronavirus workplace preparedness plan. For any checklist items you select ‘NO,’ consider whether any updates could help protect the health and safety of your employees.


For assistance with COVID-19-related topics, or if you would like a pdf copy of this checklist, contact us.