Motor Vehicles and SORN during Covid-19

At Risk Hub we are aware of the huge challenges facing every business brought about by COVID 19 and the measures that have been put in place to restrict it’s spread. We will continue to advise you of the possible impact to your insurance program as a result of current measures in place.

We have recently written to you about our own contingency plans along with guidance for unoccupied buildings and statutory plant inspections. We now outline the position with regards your motor vehicles insured on a fleet policy and in particular information relating to putting them on SORN.

In terms of vehicles insured under your fleet policy please be aware that even when vehicles are not being used for a considerable length of time, unless you are completely certain the vehicles will not be manoeuvred or driven, you should maintain full cover. If you have little choice but to lay-up vehicles please review the Government guidelines (SORN – Statutory Off Road Notification, see and consider/contact us at Risk Hub to discuss the following:

  • Reduce your level of cover to accidental damage, fire and theft (more restricted cover is available such as fire and theft only, but that may leave you unnecessarily exposed).
  • Carefully consider your policy wording or insurers applicable terms/stipulations such as vehicle security. For instance, storing them in a securely locked compound or a requirement for a specified degree of separation between parked vehicles (to reduce the risk of fire spreading between them).
  • Some insurers will need to know approximate current market values and proposed storage locations to assess any accumulation risk.
  • When a vehicle is declared SORN it cannot be parked or driven on the road as defined within the Road Traffic Act (info here: and the vehicle is also removed from Motor Insurance Database.

We are doing everything we can to minimise your insurance costs at these difficult times. The pricing mechanism for rebating/reducing premiums will vary from insurer to insurer and we can advise on a case by case basis.

If you need to discuss further please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our staff at Risk Hub
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