Manage Your Home Workers Safely and Compliantly

As business owners the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with a series of challenges to navigate none more so than the impact it’s having on our people;

  • IT stress testing, making sure that your systems will work for employees working from home
  • Mental health and wellbeing – reports suggest we are all in this for several months
  • How do we keep our people engaged?
  • How do we maintain staff morale in these unprecedented times?
  • Of course, business planning for the future, when we come through the other side

Business owners need to ensure mechanisms are in place and that any issues can be quickly escalated.

This past couple of weeks our partners at The Risk Dashboard have developed a stand-alone module – Home Worker Management System designed to help business owners manage their ‘working from home’ people obligations.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

As employers we have the same legal responsibilities for home workers as we have for any other worker. This includes the duty to ensure as far as reasonably practicable the Health, Safety and Welfare at work of all of their employees. We must keep those employees informed of policies and procedures which may affect their undertakings.

In order to ensure your employees’ safety, an assessment of risks must be completed.

The Business Safety Systems – Home Worker Management System has a number of key features to help maximise business efficiency, when your staff may not have access to their usual equipment or work environment due to the COVID-19 out break;

  • Video Training – Home Work Station set-up
  • Risk Assessment – Display Screen Equipment at Home
  • Asset Checklist – Display Screen Assessment at Home
  • Employee Health Status – allowing for reporting of current health status; Healthy, Self Isolating, Contracted Coronavirus, Recovered
  • Management Reporting – Employee Health Status, Training Completion, Employee Asset List, Home Assessment Scores, Alerts for Health Status Changes

We have secured a preferential rate of £8 per employee and we do not profit from you utilising this system. If you would like to learn more about the Home Worker Management System and how you can support your people ‘Working from Home’ please get in touch and we can offer you a free trial.(numbers Limited)

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