Creating Partnerships between Businesses and Insurers

We are delighted to have secured a new client having solved the challenging problem faced by the company. This client has a turnover of £2m, and is involved with the R&D, assembly and distribution of machinery utilising laser technology.

The prospective client was faced with not only their current insurer withdrawing from the market; but onerous and unnecessary security conditions presented as an alternative by their broker. This was deemed unreasonable by the client and caused the client to review their current situation and look for other solutions. Risk Hub were pleased to be engaged to undertake this review.

…And we did not disappoint!

Our broker resolved the clients’ dilemma, we found a replacement insurer with competitive terms and an amicable solution to his security requirements. Risk Hub were able to do so by fully understanding the current security measures in place, and liaising with our proposed insurer to create coverage and terms aligned with the clients requirements.

The philosophy at Risk Hub is to mitigate risk within a business to ensure that the best premiums and bespoke coverage are available for our clients. We invest our time to understanding the business and help clients understand their risks; enabling us to drive out waste and reduce cost. Whilst we work with insurers to help client manage risk there are times when insurers impose unnecessary and impractical requirements so at times our job is to mediate and find sensible working solutions.


Please contact us if you would like us to take a look at your requirements.