COVID Situation and Unoccupied Buildings (Written 14/04/2020)

During this challenging and changeable period we continue write to advise you of the possible impact to your insurance program as a result of current measures in place arising from the COVID19 outbreak. Our priority is to continue helping you with commercial insurance matters and we will update you on how the current situation could impact your insurance arrangements provided by Risk Hub. We have recently communicated the contingency plans for our own business and this is also restated further below.

Unoccupied Buildings

If you are having to temporarily close your business premises for a period of time some policy terms and conditions are likely to apply since under most insurance policies the premises would be deemed as ‘unoccupied’. At the time of writing the Association Of British Insurers (ABI) are seeking clarification at a collective level to establish if insurers can offer a common approach to this unique scenario. In addition, some individual insurers are considering their position to at least offer some flexibility at this difficult time. For now we suggest that you check with us to confirm the status of your business and to establish what terms may apply so that you are aware of any obligations particularly in respect of property security and regular inspection.

In the meantime here is some general advice:

• Turn off gas and water supplies at the mains and where possible drain down all water systems except those connected to fire suppression systems or in use to maintain a sufficient level of heating to prevent freezing.

• Ensure any intruder alarms, automatic fire alarms, automatic sprinkler installations or other fire suppression systems are in good working order and are switched on & in full operation.

• Ensure that all points of access to the premises are secured against entry by intruders.

• Remove all combustible waste from the interior of the premises where practicable, including any communal parts, and store safely in external areas if it is possible to store away from the fabric of the building (e.g. 5 meters plus or in line with any waste condition on the policy)

• Make sure that an internal and external inspection of the building is carried out, preferably every 7 days, but at least in accordance with the minimum requirements of the applicable policy wording and keep a record of any inspections you make.

Our staff at Risk Hub

We have secure technology that enables our team to work from home, ensuring at the same time, we will maintain our full service to you. The telephone ring tone may sound different, when you call, this is our divert service. You can call the landline, or if you want to speak specifically to a member of the team, call their mobile. See below for a reminder of the contact phone numbers. If we are all on calls, please leave a message and we will call you back without delay.

Your Insurance Coverage

We will be in contact as usual with you regarding your renewal, at the appropriate time. Please be assured your cover will remain in force and where necessary we will make decisions on your behalf to arrange or renew non contentious policies in the unlikely event we are not able to contact you personally.

Face to face meetings

As risk advisers our concern is to help you to minimise disruption to your business. For this reason we advise you against non-essential business meetings and we will abide by that same guidance. We instead propose to make use of zoom video calling, email or telephone to keep in touch.

Below are a few direct contact numbers for you to get in touch with our team. Alternatively, the usual landline number is diverted to all mobiles.

Brian Weetman 07879 666177

Colin Bruchez 07488 227273

Tim Rogers 07827 457464

Best wishes to you all at this uncertain time.