Client Unhappy with Last Minute Dealings of the Broker

This client is within the motor trade, importing and adapting vehicles from Japan, with a turnover of £2m. With only days until renewal he had no renewal terms.

Fortunately the client was pointed in our direction by a client advocate, and we are pleased to have been able to help. The client had been placed on a 14 day extension due to delayed information to the insurers, hence requiring prompt assistance.

Albeit a tricky situation with limited time, we accepted the challenge and were able to help the client by producing the renewal terms from the existing insurer. As always, we do a full review of the current covers to check the adequacy of the coverage; and in this case, there was a clause in the previous policy which left major exposure. The client was unaware of this but we were able to work with the insurer to get this clause removed from the new policy and at no extra cost!

At Risk Hub, we believe there should never be a trade-off between coverage and the price. Finding cheaper insurance that does not adequately insure your business is not a solution – it leaves the business too exposed. Should the worst case scenario ever happen, we want to be assured that your cover is sufficient to protect your business.

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