RiskHub satisfies a client by placing cover for their new venture within hours!

  Recently our expertise was called to action to place urgent cover for a client in order to satisfy a substantial new contract involving the manufacturing of  hand sanitiser. We recognised that we could put in place a basic cover to help them conclude their contract and then take time to understand the business as […]

The benefits of an insurance review for your business

Having an expert review your insurance covers has various benefits from highlighting gaps in your cover to potential long-terms savings on your premiums. Our team were recently called to action for a renewal for a business owner with two companies manufacturing and supplying within the dental industry. Our new client had previously dealt with a […]

The Rising Risk of Social Engineering

  Cyber-security has already been a subject of increasing importance in the UK for years, but with the coronavirus pandemic forcing many organisations to implement remote work, the threat of cyber-attacks must be taken even more seriously. One type of cyber-attack that has recently become a more frequent threat is that which uses social engineering. […]

Managing total cost of risk – Manufacturing Industry

  As a manufacturer, how do you quantify your true cost of risk? For example, if you are faced with a recall, how do you calculate your loss of reputation or market share? It is difficult, at best, to quantify this scenario. In contrast, other components of your cost of risk are easily identifiable, such […]

Risk Management – What does it mean?

Risk management is most likely a phrase that you have heard before, perhaps you’ve heard it when discussing your business insurance policy. You may have an understanding of risk management and how it can help your business. This article better explains the concept to give you some ideas on how to implement it within your […]

Cyber-Liability Insurance

As technology becomes increasingly important for successful business operations, the value of a strong cyber-liability insurance policy will only continue to grow. The continued rise in information stored and transferred electronically has resulted in a remarkable increase in the potential exposures facing businesses. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) must also be […]

Our top tips for navigating your business Insurance in a hardening market

The insurance marketplace is a funny place; pricing and availability can appear and disappear seemingly at random, and predicting changes is more an art form than a science. Some years, insurance buyers benefit from falling costs and expanded cover. Other times, when markets harden, business owners must make tough choices regarding their insurance and loss […]

Why D&O Protection is More Important Than Ever

If you are a business owner, you will know the impact Coronavirus has had on your balance sheet but if you are a director or manager, you may not be aware of the possible legal ramifications that could arise from the pandemic for you personally. The potential for claims and court cases against corporate decision […]

Post Coronavirus workplace preparedness checklist

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of the current workplace, and hygiene and cleanliness are key topics when creating post-coronavirus workplace plans. According to health experts, there are several actions employers should consider. By taking workplace preparedness steps such as updating office layouts, encouraging new behaviours and evaluating existing policies, employers can help prevent […]

How to Promote Health and Safety for Your Remote Employees

While you might not consider workplace health and safety to be a top concern for your remote staff, ensuring employees’ physical and mental well-being while they work from home can be a difficult feat. Indeed, teleworking carries the following health and safety risks for your staff: ♦ Musculoskeletal disorders caused by poor display screen equipment (DSE) […]

Site operating procedures during the COVID-19 Pandemic

In an effort to help limit the spread of the global coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the UK government has recently issued a variety of restrictions for both citizens and organisations. These restrictions—which are intended to promote social distancing, reduce physical contact between citizens and encourage Britons to stay home as much as possible—include closing […]

Manage Your Home Workers Safely and Compliantly

As business owners the COVID-19 pandemic has presented us with a series of challenges to navigate none more so than the impact it’s having on our people; IT stress testing, making sure that your systems will work for employees working from home Mental health and wellbeing – reports suggest we are all in this for […]

Keeping Remote Staff Cyber-secure During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has resulted in unprecedented workplace changes for organisations across industry lines. While the government is enforcing a UK lockdown, requiring individuals to practise self-isolation and social distancing, employers like you must make necessary adjustments to allow your staff to work from home. However, implementing a teleworking programme carries a […]

COVID Situation and Unoccupied Buildings (Written 14/04/2020)

During this challenging and changeable period we continue write to advise you of the possible impact to your insurance program as a result of current measures in place arising from the COVID19 outbreak. Our priority is to continue helping you with commercial insurance matters and we will update you on how the current situation could […]

Statutory Plant & Equipment Inspections (Written 01/04/2020)

We are aiming to keep clients updated during the current COVD19 outbreak with information relevant to the policies we arrange on their behalf. One such consideration relates to statutory inspection of plant and equipment and potential delays as a result of restrictions enforced on inspection providers. The current situation is as follows: Advice for employers […]

Motor Vehicles and SORN during Covid-19

At Risk Hub we are aware of the huge challenges facing every business brought about by COVID 19 and the measures that have been put in place to restrict it’s spread. We will continue to advise you of the possible impact to your insurance program as a result of current measures in place. We have […]

Our response to Covid-19

In light of the escalating Covid 19 developments, we take this opportunity to outline to you the steps we are implementing. If you have any concerns or questions please contact us. We wish you, your families and colleagues safe passage through this period. Measures for your business We have already issued various advices regarding the […]

The benefits of telling the ‘complete story’ to insurers

The 21st century world is flooded with ‘personalisation’ options; we can put our unique stamp on almost anything, from creating your own pizza to must-guess-who-is-driving number plates, we have multiple options available for us to chose from. Did you know you can also do this with insurance? By thoroughly telling your own individual story, YOU […]

Client Unhappy with Last Minute Dealings of the Broker

This client is within the motor trade, importing and adapting vehicles from Japan, with a turnover of £2m. With only days until renewal he had no renewal terms. Fortunately the client was pointed in our direction by a client advocate, and we are pleased to have been able to help. The client had been placed […]

Creating Partnerships between Businesses and Insurers

We are delighted to have secured a new client having solved the challenging problem faced by the company. This client has a turnover of £2m, and is involved with the R&D, assembly and distribution of machinery utilising laser technology. The prospective client was faced with not only their current insurer withdrawing from the market; but […]

We are delighted to share our latest Success

Risk Hub was asked by a waste management company to provide insurance and risk management advice. The client was unsure of the competitiveness of his premiums but most importantly needed an audit of his covers. Risk Hub were able to offer specific industry expertise to include helpful risk management advice and a great solution. The […]

Employment Tribunal Cases’ Prevalence Makes Insurance Cover Highly Advisable

The six-figure sum awarded to 50 Deliveroo food-delivery couriers earlier this summer should make other employers sit up and take notice, if they wish to avoid picking up a big bill as a result of an employee claim. In mid-July, Deliveroo settled a case out of court, which concerned the entitlement of the 50 couriers […]

Am I Underinsured?

The reason we bring this up today is because of us leaving the EU. When dealing with fluctuation in labour and goods cost, measuring the value of sums insured is incredibly hard, often leaving businesses vastly under-insured. Thus, creating shortfalls in claims settlements. If the past cost increase was due to the 2008 recession and […]

HSE fines continue to rise at an alarming rate.

The threat of criminal prosecution from Health and safety breaches is real. Whilst prison sentences are still relatively rare fines are not. All businesses must take action to protect themselves and we can help. Let us run our risk analysis tool for you to identify the risks you are exposed to and help you produce […]

The Team Is Growing!

The team is taking shape and we are delighted to announce our first two signings. We will be going all out for the win unconcerned at who we might face in the next round so both will be starting and looking to make a big impact. Patsy Sweeney will be joining us and will be […]

FCA Authorisation!

We are delighted to have received our formal and direct authorisation to trade from the FCA. Our thanks go to Barry Woodward at ICS consultants and Neil Chipperfield at the FCA both have helped make this a relatively straightforward process. Now we are looking to recruit really great people for our team. Above all we […]